SmartPay Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is fully capable and equipped of launching smart and innovative software programs

We are offering multiple kind of solutions enable clients to run any type of promotions in order to increase customer traffic and offer rewards. The program can range from simple points based system to more complex rewarding mechanisms.

Loyalty Card

Smart program to Engage Customers and Keep Them Coming Back. Retain with discounts, rewarding points, promotions, e-vouchers etc

Gift Card

Gift Cards can be termed as "Automated Paper-Gift-Voucher" , can be gifted to a friend or family with desires credit or can simply be purchased

Prepaid/Postpaid Card

For small to large scale businesses.To track record of transactions for prepaid/postpaid customers in a defined period of time.

Fleet(fuel) card

Launch your own fleet (fuel) card for end users, to keeps track of their fuel usage in a particular range as well as financials of your business.

Delivery Systems

Delivery solution for a company holding its customers. for better management and track records of different products and inventories.

Stock Management Systems

software is to maintain an optimal stock level, track goods during transport between locations, receive new items, manage warehouse processes.